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The Dolly Files

Contest! Win a Custom Engraved Collar
Send us in your wackiest photo that we can use on our website and social media pages and be entered into a contest to win a Diva Dog collar of your choice AND get it engraved for FREE! Contest Rules: … Continue reading

Meet George!
​Meet our latest member to the Diva-Dog team! We call him “George”. George is a diamond point engraving machine that can custom engrave our buckles with over 20 fonts to choose from. George will be starting work Monday May 22nd!

BMI my Butt!
First I would like to send you well wishes of a Happy and Prosperous 2017! I do have to say 2017 isn’t starting out so great for this pug. It all started with a Christmas present… This was just my … Continue reading

Day 20 – Lapping It Up
Today I am grateful for just being me… a pug. Being a pug has it’s privileges and among them is being a lap dog and I excel at that art. Lapping as we experts call it, requires letting all of … Continue reading

Day 18 – Tennis Balls
Day 18 (don’t ask where days 15-17 went) of the things I am thankful for takes us to my favorite pastime. Retrieving. Pugs aren’t known for their retrieving skills, but as I’ve always known, I’m a little different from the … Continue reading

Day 14
I’m over half way thru my “25 Days of Thankfulness” and I hope you are enjoying my posts. Today I am going to talk about another thing that is near-and-dear to my little pug heart: pet friendly restaurants! Thank you … Continue reading

Day 13 (ok I may have skipped a few days)
If you know me, and by now readers you should be intimately aware of my little ideosycracies, you know I am anything but prompt. I live in a whirlwind of social activity, which includes naps, walks, naps, food, and of … Continue reading

Day 9 – Stuffed Animals
Today I am thankful for being mistaken for a stuffed animal. No, really, it happens all the time! I’m known to fall asleep rather rapidly and I love to sleep on all things soft. Around our house that can often … Continue reading

Day 4-8 (Because I am REALLY Thankful for This)!
Ok, I may have skipped a few days of my Worldwide Thank You Tour 2016, but it’s the holidays and I’m on “vacay-mode”! I’ve been sipping eggnog and napping by the fire (not really, because I live in sunny San … Continue reading

Attack Pug
Check out Dolly as she springs into action against the evil sock Under Lord:

Day 3
On day 3 I am thankful for the power of invisibility. Now you may be thinking, Dolly you are out of your mind! But before you put me in a doggy straight jacket, let me explain. Because of my diminutive … Continue reading

Day Two
Day two on my 25 days of gratitude world tour takes us to my home. To a round, fluffy, cuddly, soft and warm little piece of this planet I call my bed. I acknowledge I sleep on many surfaces in … Continue reading

Day One
I’ve been inspired by my many followers posts about things they are thankful for. Obviously I live a life of privileged, but the “little things” are still what matter most to this pug. Day one of “Things I Am Thankful … Continue reading

A Word from Your Sponsors!
As you may be aware, I am a Spokes-Pug for Diva-Dog. In addition to the hectic modeling duties that I handle with grace and panache, I am sometimes called upon to let you know about new things they are introducing. … Continue reading

It’s Just Plain Embarrassing!
It’s that time of year again, Halloween. Now it’s true I’m only 1 1/2 years old so this is just my second year of this but I am speaking on behalf of all pugs when I say “make this madness … Continue reading

What the WHAT?
We are faced with the age old question? Are pugs cats, cleverly disguised as small and adorable puppies? Or, a fiendishly clever puppy who uses their wiles on unsuspecting humans to garner treats? Cat? Dog? You decide!

Check out these deals!
As you probably know (and who doesn’t keep up on this sort of thing), I am the spokes-puppy for Diva-Dog.com. In addition to ribbon cutting ceremonies, kissing babies and visiting the White House I also share with my loyal fans … Continue reading

Have you ever had one of those moments where you felt like you were floating on air? If you played the lotto you would win. If you had to kick the game winning field goal you would nail it. Or … Continue reading

Surviving Summer: Pug Style!
School is out, the sun is hot and I’m exhausted. It must be summer. And you know what summer rhymes with? BUMMER! Yes, you heard me right. I am not a fan of the summer solstice. If you are built … Continue reading

Somebody’s Watching You!
Dear reader, I don’t know if you realize this, but you are constantly under surveillance. Not by your government, aliens from outer space or the great All Mighty. You are under the watchful eye of your pet. To be more … Continue reading

The Fine Art of Begging
I have been asked by the press a million times on tips to becoming a successful diva. It is well know the world is at my feet. Kibble rains down like a spring shower whenever I bat my eyes and … Continue reading

Call of the Wild(ish)
Spring has sprung at my estate and our land was overrun by nasty vermin called gophers. These are vile little fellows that like to leave behind pillowy mounds of earth where once lived a favorite flower or shrub. My humans … Continue reading

Get a Job!
For those of you that didn’t watch CNN or E! News today, it’s my birthday. Parades and speeches aside, it’s been a very busy day for me. Not only did I turn 7 today (in dog years), but I also … Continue reading

Clothing Optional – Musings of a Muse
For some reason people LOVE to dress up their dogs, and in particular, pugs! My human has stuffed my plump little body into everything from a vampire bat costume, a frilly summer frock, a very bad 70’s disco vest and … Continue reading

Super Bowl!
I was told there's going to be a super bowl next weekend! My little heart jumped at the thought of a giant bowl of kibble. Continue reading

Good For Nothing!
Everyone is so impressed with things like multi-tasking. Books are written on it. People brag about it on Facebook. Blah. Blah. Blah! I'm not impressed! Continue reading

I’m Better Than A Xanax
My mom was once again watching Dr. Oz (the family usually bans her from doing this because we end up eating some crazy diet or we find he smearing strange things on her face). Continue reading

Cute Is The New Camo!
While perusing the television with my humans, I ran across a “nature” program about camouflage as protection against predators. First of all, there’s nothing “natural” about living outdoors, hunting for your food, and missing nap times. It’s not just “un-natural” … Continue reading

Modeling: The Hardest Job in the World
I’ve watched bits and pieces of “Deadliest Catch”, “Ice Road Truckers” and “Ax Men” and I’m far from impressed. Although those humans put themselves in harms way to earn a living, nothing is as stressful as being a dog model. … Continue reading

My Calling: The Legend of Greatness
After the last piece of confetti flutters to the floor. After the last strains of Pomp & Circumstance echoes thru the halls. After the crowds depart. A small pug is left to wonder. What will I do with myself? Am … Continue reading

All That Hassle for a Tassle!
Graduation day is here! I have not only passed the required doggy-obedience classes, I excelled. Some might say I was a model student. My humans were sufficiently impressed with my skills at “down”, “sit” and “leave it” to award me … Continue reading

Oh Waiter
Dolly let’s her food bowl have it! Check out how she shows her humans she’s not happy about the sad state of her empty food bowl.

I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!
Dog Obedience Class, or as I like to call it “another way to waste my humans money” It was a Thursday, just like any other Thursday, except this one would go down in the annals of dog history as the … Continue reading

Teachers Pet
I have to admit I sometimes take it to the limit. As I like to say “I push boundaries”. I’ve been known to chew on expensive footwear, relieve myself wherever I darn well please and passive/aggressively ignore my humans call … Continue reading

“Vet” Took on a New Meaning Today
I have been TO the vet. It’s a confusing experience that involves needles, pats on the head from strangers, a prance across the scale and a cookie at the end of the visit (not to mention the embarrassing moment when … Continue reading

The Not So Great Outdoors
There are different types of people. There are the intellectuals that can be found hanging out in galleries using terms like “existential”, “painterly” and “abstract expressionism”… I’m not one of them. There are the sporty types who know point spreads, … Continue reading

Cookie Monster
Someone’s leaving crumbs on my desk!

In The Bag.
Lately I’ve been ferried about town in a tote – I’m pretty sure I’m actually being smuggled! There appears to be stores out there that don’t want dogs in them. Weird I know, but alas it is true. Take Starbucks … Continue reading

Ladies World Cup – Such a Sad Situation
Being a world-class athlete, I am in tip-top condition at all times. My resting heart rate is optimal. My BMI is exceptionally good and my paw-eye coordination is incredible. I’m really a marvel to behold. Why don’t I play on … Continue reading

Dog Tired
I’ve heard the term “Dog Tired” bandied about by the humans in my house. They use it to describe the state of being too tired to take me on midnight raids on my kibble bowl, playing “chase me around the … Continue reading

Welcome to Dollywood
There is a magical kingdom called Dollywood. And it is ruled by a beautiful Princess named Dolly. Shoes are everywhere and everyone can chew on them without getting scolded. Kibble rains down upon the villagers like a soft summer shower. … Continue reading

Dolly Dollars – Sale!
The United States of Dolly is issuing a $5 off sale on all regular priced Diva-Dog collars and leashes! Use your Dolly Dollars by typing in coupon code at check out: Dolly$ at check out. Valid thru 6/15/15

Playing With Your Food
Grapes: Food or toy? 

The Pupperazzi
I know that being a celebrity comes with a lot of perks, but it also comes with the loss of ones privacy. I can no longer go to the market and shop. Ok, I never went to the market anyway. … Continue reading

*&%^#!! Happens
For some reason, I am supposed to “go” outdoors. Not just outdoors, mind you either. But in the cheesily named “Poo Poo Patch”. Out in the wide open. With animals. WILD ANIMALS! I put my paw down early and said … Continue reading

My Name is No
I am not Dolly the Pug. My real name is No Dolly. Or to be exact: NO DOLLY! You see, whenever I go about my routine of eat, sleep and play I tend to get into trouble around the “play” … Continue reading

Move Over Giselle!
Some people might say I’m a diva. Ok, EVERYONE says I’m a Diva. So it was only natural that Diva-Dog would approach my agent to get me to model for their new campaign. Of course we turned them down – … Continue reading

Paleo Pug
My mom is always on a diet. She’s “low carb”. Whatever that means. I think she also mentioned something about gluten. I’m not sure what gluten is, but if it tastes like beef, count me in! I’m always sitting on … Continue reading

I’m an artist. My medium? Naps. I can take one anywhere and anytime. Here are just a few of my latest creations: I did this in my moms gym bag. And this: Notice the form? The extension of the back … Continue reading

Busted! Dolly Gets The Boot.
What can I say? I was framed! Dolly the Pug dollly@diva-dog.com

First You Have To Admit You Have A Problem.
Some people like chocolate. I’m a dog. Chocolate is poison to us. So no, I do not have a problem with chocolate. Some people like exercise. I am a pug, and exercise is poisonous to us (not really, but I … Continue reading

Hello. Dolly!
Hi. My name is Dolly. Some people call me Dolly the Pug, Dolly Madison (because I’m sweet as pie – yuck) and Doll Face. You can call me Editor in Chief of the hippest dog column on the planet! Yes, … Continue reading


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