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20% Off Nantucke Summer thru the weekend!

11th Mar 2017

Every day thru next Wednesday, we will be featuring one of our 8 new designs along with a great offer that is good for 24 hours. This weekend we are holding the sale prices for the ENTIRE weekend. All 8 designs are already on our site, so you can buy them at any time!

Introducing This Weekends Design - Nantucket Summer

This collection is inspired by verdant gardens along the sun-washed shores of Nantucket. The flowers are literally bursting out of the rose colored background. Melon red, peony pink and pallazo green are just a few of the hues in this floral design. All-metal buckles:Our whisper-weight aluminum buckles weigh less than an ounce!

Quality Craftsmanship - Made in the USA - Boutiques Only

Use coupon code SUMMER to get 20% shipping off the Nantucket Summer collection! Valid thru 3/13/17